Drawbridge s.r.o. is a Czech company engaged in manufacturing of components
for industry and staffing. Mostly, the focus has been the Nordic region and the
heavy industry there.

Drawbridge is owned and run by engineer Vladimir Briza. He has extensive
experience in the manufacturing sector in Turkey, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Niels Kjeldsen Consulting Inc. is owned and led by Niels Kjeldsen who has about
40 years experience in the Swedish and Norwegian industry. He has worked as a
Site Manager on Refineries, Nuclear power, Shipyards.

The assignments have been in Sweden, Norway, onshore and offshore, Dubai,
Bahrain, Hungary and Romania.

2004, when the Czech Republic and Slovakia joined the European Union,
NK Consulting AB made contact with Drawbridge s.r.o for establishing a collaboration.
It started with a couple of scaffolders to a major project at Skoghall works near Karlstad.
Later, it became both supervisors, welders and plumbers to Rodoverken at Preem Lysekil.

Drawbridge has increased its presence in Sweden from year to year. Our clients have
discovered that we at Drawbridge s.r.o keep our promises and that it is an excellent
way to cut labor peaks during maintenance and shutdown works.



Drawbridge s.r.o. had been granted ISO 9001 certificate in 2008 that has
been regularly renewed since that time.


In 2013 Drawbridge s.r.o. had achieved the highest possible international
D&B (Dun & Bradstreet) Rating.

Drawbridge s.r.o. was awarded International Construction award on May
19th, 2014 during the ceremony that took place at the Madrid based
Hotel Meliá Castilla.

This event was organized by the Global Trade Leader´s Club. The trophy had
been created to distinguish and stimulate companies belonging to construction 

In the afternoon all the awardees were invited to a welcome coctail that was
followed by a lunch celebration which took place in an atmosphere of great cordiality.
The lunch was presided over by the Secretary General of the Global Trade Leader´s
Club and was attended by many members of the Diplomatic Corps (The Embassy of
The Czech Republic was represented by Mrs. Zdenka Kosik Subrova – 1st Secretary
of the Embassy).

Drawbridge s.r.o. had invited Mr. Niels Kjeldsen from NKC Ltd. and Mats Fryklund
(representing the biggest client of Drawbridge s.r.o. in Sweden – IBS Byggnads-
ställningar AB) to share the official ceremony in Madrid. 

After having received International Construction Award Drawbridge s.r.o. has
automatically become a member of the Global Trade Leader´s Club that was
created with the aim of establishing a union among companies who hold
international prizes for their quality, prestige and business leadership in
their respective sectors of activity and geographical locations.

Membership to the Global Trade Leader´s Club means belonging to an international
organisation of leading business from 95 different countries which promotes business
relations between its members and generates important investments and business

Drawbridge s.r.o. has joined members of The International Trade Council in
June 2014. ITC is the public voice of domestic and international trade related
organisations. It supports industry and policymakers to build sustainable trade
relationships of the highest quality through vision, leadership, collaboration,
professional development, and research.

Working with its legal partners in more than 50 countries, the International
Trade Council plays a key role in researching, developing and promoting various
regulatory and industry standards, with the aim of creating industry consensus
on technical and business best practice. Subject matter experts from around the
world participate in the development of these regulations and/or standards, many
of which are used by the industry in various countries.

To facilitate its work, the Council retains over 30 different law firms to conduct
confidential research on behalf of legislators, policy makers, industry and other
members on various subject matter in an unbiased and confidential manner.


2015 Drawbridge s.r.o. have been granted the ISO 90012008 Certificate.

ISO 90012008 Certificate


Independent consultant
in Scandinavia:

Niels Kjeldsen
NK Consulting AB

P. O. Box 554
SE-442 16 Kungälv

Visiting address:
Filaregatan 23
442 34 Kungälv

+46 (0)303 100 90

Cell phone:
+46 (0)735 200 666

+46 (0)303 100 87


VD – Managing Director
Vladimír Bríza

Javorová 447
CZ 252 42 Jesenice
Czech Republic

Visiting address:
Javorová 447
CZ 252 42 Jesenice

+420 (0)602 201 052

+420 (0) 257 741 440


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